Important COVID Update

In light of the increasing numbers of COVID cases, we would like to pass on some important messages to our patients.

  • 1. We are still open and here for you. Please continue to contact us if you are unwell, either physically or mentally. We will speak to you on the phone first and if we need to see you face-to-face we will do so. If you can take a photo e.g. of a rash, it may help us so please do this if you can and we will send a secure link for you to text it to us.
  • 2. Many conditions can be safely managed without a doctor and during this pandemic we need to focus our resources on people who need us most. You can get advice about your symptoms by going to or phone 111. If a GP appointment is needed, 111 can arrange this.
  • 3. Please get your COVID booster vaccination as soon as possible (or your first or second ones if you haven’t had these). These really are the only hope we have of controlling the virus and it will significantly reduce your risk of hospital admission and death from COVID. – Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines
  • 4. Please wear a face-covering at all times when in our building. This should cover your nose and mouth. This helps to keep our surgery a safe place for vulnerable people, both patients and staff.
  • 5. We cannot influence the waiting times for hospital appointments or other community referrals. Waiting times have increased due to the strain on the whole NHS, but if you need to chase up a referral, please contact the service you have been referred to directly.
  • 6. If you have any symptoms of possible COVID, please arrange a PCR test. The new variant of the disease does not always cause cough, fever or a change in sense of taste or smell. If you have any of these symptoms, you must arrange a test, but it is also sensible to test if you have new fatigue, sore throat or headache. Lateral flow tests (rapid tests) are only for people who have no symptoms. If you have any symptoms you need a PCR test.
  • 7. Please be kind. Our reception and administration staff, and all our clinicians, are working under tremendous pressure. We also have to self-isolate when we have symptoms, so staffing levels may be affected. We will not tolerate any form of abuse towards our staff.

Many thanks for your help and understanding, and we wish you all good health.